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332 Landslide

332 Landslide

December 18, 2008

Western Washington Severe Weather December 2008 Day7 4:15pm

Cold Weather Brittle Nail Alert!!

Trim yours up if they are a little long, and take care! The cold weather renders your nails very brittle and prone to breaking, quite painful in the cold weather. Mine, seen below, cracked near the middle, but didn't quite break. (I apologize for the disorganized post, but blogger seems to be having some trouble today, maybe too many people home blogging about the weather. I cannot move the images once they are downloaded into the post, and they are auto placed at the top.)

The snow seems to be at about 7 or 8 inches as of now, 4:36pm. The tuna tin snow gauge says we have some snow. That's it there, at the edge of the table... can you see it? While I was taking this picture out the back window, I heard a scratching sound. Oh No! I thought, mice are coming in! I moved closer to the sound, coming from the other window in the room, and then I saw something flit near the top of the window on the outside. I crept up and leaned in to get a view, and saw a long, thin, tiny beak! Those tiny birds that had been scurrying around the patio foundation were now clinging to the siding at the edge of the window. I watched for a while, and soon it flew over to nearby branch. I watched it either eat whatever it had found in the crevices around my window jam, or remove the spidery cobwebs from it's beak from the same. Nice added bonus! As a side note, I see fewer and fewer of these little birdies on the bark of my fir trees these days, and I notice more and more insect damage and evidence of the failing health of my trees along the same timeline....

I mentioned in a previous posting that I had brushed the snow off the car, only for it to pile back up again within 15 minutes. I've just come back in from doing the same again, and also the branches overhanging the power lines to the house.

Snow hasn't fallen since my last posting, contrary to the radar images during that time frame. That red dot is my approximate location for most of the storm so far. This image shows the snow should be falling and about to come to an end in 15 minutes or so.

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