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332 Landslide

332 Landslide

December 15, 2008

Western Washington Severe Weather December 2008 Day4 1:00pm

It's Not Melting!!!

The tuna tin says the level has dropped a bit since last night, but it really looks more like settling and evaporation. It was 27 degrees at 7:30am this morning according to the window thermometer, and 25 degrees in Bremerton according to the TV. The frequent gusts of wind yesterday afternoon and last night have shaken loose all but the frost from the tree branches, and the steady wind and frequent gusts today are blowing even that around as it still refuses to melt. The sun has been shining since around 9:00am, so I expected a little melting but even now the ice crystals are flying past the window, glimmering in the sun.

I keep thinking I'm going to grab the camera and go find some fairy tale image to post, but... IT'S COLD OUT THERE! 27 degrees still according to both the window and MSN sidebar. The wind is steady, with those gusts I mentioned. And as I'm typing this, I can again hear a frog croaking outside the front door.... making me feel a little embarrassed. I mean, if the frog can bear it.... We'll see.

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