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332 Landslide

332 Landslide

December 12, 2008

Western Washington Severe Weather December 2008 10:30am

The Weather is Coming! The Weather is Coming!

We are gearing up for our first winter storm here in the pacific northwest today. I've become quite addicted to local area weather bloggers over the past couple of years, and while I don't think I want to blog daily about it, this storm might be interesting enough to give it a try.

The title link will take you to the NOAA's national weather site for the seattle area.

A strong Pacific storm will move into Western Washington Friday bringing:

– Abrupt transition to much colder temperatures across the region

– Heavy mountain snow

– Threat of lowland snow Friday night through the weekend

– Outlook into next week is continued cold with some moderation around mid week

I'll be spending the storm in Kitsap County, where the snowfall is predicted to be between 2 and 8 inches. Most of the county enjoys protection by the olympic mountains from the buffeting ocean winds, and warmer temperatures along it's sound. From time to time however, that cupped feature can trap cold air allowing for rare but significant amounts of snowfall.

The morning started off windless, and dry. Over the past hour (930a-1030a) the wind has picked up in gusts, sending the tree limbs swaying. The gusts have slowed now (1045a), and the periods in between are calm. The rain began lightly falling about 930am, and is now quite steady. The thermometer (digital, suctioned to the exterior of my double pane kitchen window) says that it's 41 degrees out, while the MSN sidebar weather tool says it's 37.

I can see that the next door property owner has cut down several trees recently that overhung the yard and possibly parts of the home. Good thinking in this circumstance, however the trees were located on a quite steep embankment leading toward the residence. The root systems from those trees appear to be integral to the integrity of the embankment. I hope the higher than normal rain prediction for our area this winter doesn't cause problems over there. The home I am staying in is surrounded by quite large trees with long (very) branches extending out to catch the light. After seeing 1 inch thick ice on tree limbs this morning on the news (not around here) I am a little nervous for the freezing temperatures predicted for a couple days from now. Even now, simply the weight of the rain water is bending some of these branches. Add the weight of snow and then freeze it ....

That having been said, I'm going to throw on the rainboots, scarf and hat now to scurry off to the store for some last minute supplies. I don't need much, as I don't have a generator and refuse to burn wood in the fireplace. So, if the power goes out I will be heading to the nearest friends/hotel with power.

I will add a blog post again when the weather changes, and will possibly include pictures/video if it gets very interesting. So, if following local weather blogs is your thing, or you are just interested in south Kitsap county weather as it happens over the course of this storm, stay tuned!

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