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332 Landslide

332 Landslide

December 18, 2008

Western Washington Severe Weather December 2008 Day7 11:15am

Still snowing steady here in south Kitsap county at 11:15am. We're at about 5 inches here now, just up the hill from the sound. I ventured out to sweep off the car, and knock snow off branches that are overhanging the power lines. Still sweet powdery snow, not what we're used to here at all. Below are some photos and video I shot, it was tough going keeping the camera relatively dry, and in fact it is now sitting out near a heat vent to dry.

It's 12:27pm and the temperature has dropped to 25 degrees from 29 at 11:30am and 33 at 9:30am. The forecast is for highs in the upper 20's for the rest of the week, so it looks like I will be stuck here for a while. The snow has piled up to about 7 inches at this point. I brushed about 5 inches off of the car windows and trunk at 11:00am, hoping to make it easier to remove than leaving it through the freeze. But about 15 minutes later it was covered again.

The snow eased up at about 12:15pm, and has now stopped at 12:39pm to allow the sun to peek through. But only 2 minutes later the brightness is fading.

These videos are taking MUCH longer to upload that I thought they would, so that will be the last of them for now. I'll still to still shots for keep up with the changing conditions since this blog post began at just after 11:00am.

12:52pm and the last video is finished. The snow has stopped and the brightness has returned to the sky, meaning it's going to get really cold really fast. The TV is showing road after road blocked by accidents or closed by transportation workers. Highway 16 is a skating rink, and the Seattle Metro buses are having more problems than successes.

KIRO is forecasting snow late Saturday, continuing Sunday accompanied by strong winds from the east.

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