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332 Landslide

332 Landslide

December 21, 2008

Western Washington Severe Weather December 2008 Day10 12:00pm

It was 33 degrees and the tiny flakes were still falling this morning at 7:30am. A little had accumulated since I'd stopped watching just after midnight. I checked the threatening branches right away, and they hadn't drooped too much since the last whacking. As the morning has progressed however the flakes have gotten progressively larger and are now just less than dime size and falling fairly heavily. I haven't seen a wisp of wind in days.

The temperature began to rise last night, and I noticed (heard) melt water trickling off of the roof. Even during the last outing at midnight last night I could tell that the nature of the snow was changing. It was getting heavier. This morning the predicted 'crust' had formed more solidly and the drips from the roof are becoming steadier.

I just stepped out to take a few photos and vids, was back in getting ready to post them here when I heard the sound I was dreading! Pop! Crraaack!! Smash! One of the branches snapped and landed in the drive. It was over a power line, but didn't snap that! It also landed on OUR side of the property, (no neighbor damage) and behind the cars (no personal damage). Poor tree.

So now I have to go whack branches again. The blog post time will be a little wonky for this post.

Ok, 12:54pm and the tiny flakes are back. I searched and searched the trunk of the big fir that dropped the branch, but I can't see where it came from. Here are the final photos from last night, some fresh ones from this morning too.



December Casualty

The above photo would lead you to think it simply limped to the ground, still attached to the tree trunk. But appearances can be deceiving.

As of this moment, 1:44pm the window thermometer tells me it is 33 degrees (back down to this mornings temp from a high about an hour ago of 34!) MSN tells me it's 28. The flakes are still falling steadily, but are a touch smaller now. Not as small as last night however. This is the fourth switch between small and larger flakes this morning.

December Chaos

December Nemesis

December Nectar

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