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332 Landslide

332 Landslide

December 13, 2008

Western Washington Severe Weather December 2008 Day2 5:00pm

Sadly, the snow stopped falling at about 4:20pm. My friend across town lives in a zone that simply never gets snow, though she can drive 200 yards down the road and actually see the snow line crossing the road. They live in a very odd, you have to see it to believe it, micro-climate out there near Colvos passage. She is always showing up in town on rainy or chilly days in sandals and a Tshirt, proclaiming "It's sunny and warm at my house!".

The latest radar image shows the snowline holding, at what looks to be about 1/2 mile away. As of this moment, 5:22pm, it is snowing lightly with no apparent wind. Amazingly, the MSN Sidebar reports the temperature has dropped a whopping 6 degrees since the last blog post. Noting that the sun went down during that time.

It's 30 degrees and snowing at the moment in South Kitsap County.

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