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332 Landslide

332 Landslide

March 12, 2008

Of the People By the People and For the People

Today I'm listening to Sen. Jon Kyl debate in the Senate over the budget. He mentions that the government should be working for us, not against us. I would like to remind the Senator that 'Our' government, while it has taken a turn for the worse due to corporate manipulation, is still 'Our' government. Of By and For the people. Shame on him for trying to deepen the illusion that it's "Us against Them". There is no dictator standing at the helm here, there is no brutish force that will arrive at my door for tendering this admonishment.
You offer this statement in your argument regarding what you call "paying for tax cuts". You say that it does no service to Americans to cut a tax here and raise another there to 'pay for it'. I am glad that you that you have been able to hold on to this one ideal that all Americans are created equal but perhaps I should remind you that not all Americans have remained equal. You and I both know that the tax cut "Here" will be from middle and lower income 'Americans', just as well as we both know that the taxes raised "There" will be from upper-middle and high income 'Americans'.
In your picked and parceled ideal world, everyone would keep their own money and let the blocks fall where they may, is that it? I'm sure it sounds good from up there, in Short Sightedville. You and your friends have the money to send your children to private schools, hire private security for your homes and the very best doctors. You can build tall sturdy walls around your village to help protect yourselves...thinking maybe you have seen this movie before?
The thing of it is the rest of us, the majority of us, still hold on to that one first Ideal. Of By and For. We want everyone to chip in to secure our neighborhoods, to inspect our food supply, to protect children and the elderly. Everyone benefits from educated citizens, stop sending jobs overseas and chip in to educate us! Everyone suffers when poor education leads to low employment that leads to low personal morale that leads to crimes of desperation and frustration, chip in for parenting education, counseling and school-to-work programs. Corporations don't make money without People. If people are afraid, unprepared and sick, if roads are unsafe and mothers worry about food and toys that may kill their children they are not going to pay for the goods and services that keep your corporation in business. I could go on, but you must get the point by now. Our government IS us, we don't like ourselves very much right now but we are working on it. Our government has the best plan to date that realizes and works WITH the fact that this remains a dog eat dog world, it allows for the will of the many to outweigh the will of the few without oppression and violence, where any person can speak their mind and hope to convince others.
Sir, you are a United States Senator speaking from the floor of the US Senate building, you ARE government. If you see a division between the government and the people then You sir, and others like you, are the divisive factor. If every one of you leading OUR government would take the blinders off and act each and every time in the interest of the people, remember that you in fact ARE the people instead of acting in your own personal interest, things just might go a little more smoothly. Stop creating the divisiveness you rail against.
The money Of the People spent justly By the People For the People's benefit.

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