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332 Landslide

332 Landslide

March 12, 2008

Senator John Barrasso proposes to Cut down Trees in order to Save Water

EDIT: 11/18/2012
The senator has been re-elected as the chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee, further proof that nothing has changed inside the Republican party.  Too bad, it is clear to everyone that without a mass exodus of the 'old school' party there will be no Republican party resurrection.
end edit.

He quotes that a Russian Olive tree consumes 500 gallons of water per day, and a certain type of cedar requires 200 gallons per day. Has anyone checked this man's credentials? I think 5Th grade science class explained the fresh water cycle pretty clearly, and if I remember correctly it's fairly dependant on trees and other flora to operate properly. And just to confuse you a bit further, he brings this up in a speech on the pending Budget. Gosh, whats this guy about...

Critics Hit Bill on Bark Beetles

Barrasso Beetle Bill

In John's Words (Edit: the link to the Senators statement was broken, added his public page link 11/2012)

In a press release put out when the de-listing announcement was made last week, the senator said, “The special interest groups advocating keeping the animal on the list wouldn't know a gray wolf if it blew their house down.”

And finally the research pays off... no one has in fact checked his credentials. He wants to cut down the trees to save water, and spend money on incentives for developing technology to remove existing excess green houses gases from the atmosphere and permanently sequester them.

Lets see if we can make this easy and get it to him fast:

Fresh Water Cycle

Carbon Cycle:

Note the Green "Trees" in both Cycles

What you'll want to be doing, Mr Barrasso, is getting a carbon credit or a tax credit or something beneficial for each of the trees you and your state plants. Shoot, you and yours could lead the way in water and air purity and not have to do much more than STOP CUTTING DOWN TREES.

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