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332 Landslide

332 Landslide

March 27, 2008

Earthday 2008

"Earth Day April 22, 2008"

Earthdaynetwork Says:
This Earth Day, Make Noise. Make Them Uncomfortable.
Let our leaders know if they want to keep their jobs, they have to do something, something big and bold, to solve climate change.
Earth Day is on a Tuesday this year! They are in, they are at their desks, CALL THEM, go visit them, email them, let them know you are out there, watching!
Sound off To your Leaders :

Call your President
Call your legislature
Call your Mayor
Call your Council Members

If you are in the US...

White House 202.456.1111
Capitol Hill (our Capitol Hill Operators are really helpful, don't be afraid to call and ask for your Member of Congress!!) 202.224.3121
Don't know your congressperson? >Check Here!

Come to the Washington DC Mall on April 20th
Organize your own march to your Capitol
Protest against your local coal Plant
Organize an ED event and get media there
Share your plans and experiences with our partners from around the world, participate in our discussion board forums and visit our blog to keep up with the latest news. Earthdaynetwork

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The Center for Public Integrity

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