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332 Landslide

332 Landslide

March 25, 2008

Super Delegates Look Down, Look Up for Assistance

"With neither candidate in a position to win enough pledged delegates to garner the nomination or enough popular votes to claim a clear mandate, the elected leaders and other party officials who make up the superdelegate corps are increasingly looking farther up the party hierarchy for decisive action."

And there it is, the simple problem in the equation. Looking 'up' in this situation is not the answer, looking 'Down' is. Down the ladder to the People you represent, Down deep inside your American self.

Here's another one:

"Until the elders, until the leadership and until the American people across all levels speak in some definitive way about a process to both be decisive and protective of these two groups, everyone's holding their breath, and it's very unsettling and difficult for the party to have this split and it only gets more so the more time goes on," the aide said. "They are hoping for a process that will either allow the voters to decide or to 'allow the voters to feel like they have decided' after the superdelegate process is born out - if it has to come to that."

Nope, no one wants to simply "feel like they decided" and no one wants you to hope for it much less settle for it!

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