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332 Landslide

332 Landslide

March 23, 2008

To Grist.Org and Glassbooth.Org

Thanks For the Add!
I've looked and looked for sites with 2008 US presidential race 3rd party candidate information. They are few, far between and most are of marginal quality as I've noted in previous blogs. These folks have recently added Ralph Nader to the pack of three, Grist having posted a phone interview covering most of the major issues and placing Mr. Nader on their "How Green is your Candidate" chart. Glassbooth.Org (I believe they recently opened their doors to cover this election so I'm giving them a huge break) has gathered up a series of videos covering Mr. Nader speaking on the major issues and organized them nicely with the other candidates. I am waiting rather impatiently for them to add him to their "Election 2008 Candidate Quiz".'s Compare the Candidates How do the candidates compare on green issues? Check our chart. Presidential Candidate Quiz and Candidate information with Video

A listing (#'s 4-9) of various candidate quizzes

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