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332 Landslide

332 Landslide

January 18, 2008

People still want to know if Global Warming is real...

The people way up north say its getting warmer is this true?
sorry the same GW debate but still it is still alarming!

Posted question in Yahoo! Answers 9/24/07 by Yowsie

I pulled 4 documents from a general search phrase "average daily temperature England 1910" to include 'North' and avoid unreasonable data methods. I chose the pages used from the first page of results, and those listings showing highest on the page containing most of my search terms in a way that seemed relevant to the question. One of those documents studied and commented on warming only in relation to fluctuations in average daily min's and max's, so was disregarded. These are the result from the 3 remaining pages.

Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (Thats pretty north eh?) The period is 1946–99, a warming episode. Averaged over all stations, the indices of temperature extremes indicate “symmetric” warming of the cold and warm tails of the distributions of daily minimum and maximum temperature in this period. However, “asymmetry” is found for the trends if the period is split into two subperiods. For the 1946–75 subperiod, an episode of slight cooling, the annual number of warm extremes decreases, but the annual number of cold extremes does not increase. This implies a reduction in temperature variability. For the 1976–99 subperiod, an episode of pronounced warming, the annual number of warm extremes increases 2 times faster than expected from the corresponding decrease in the number of cold extremes. This implies an increase in temperature variability, which is mainly due to stagnation in the warming of the cold extremes. This page finds the average mean temperature of the city for the period of 54 years (1873-1926) covered by Weather Bureau statistics was 49.8º. A comparison of average mean temperatures for the past 10 years with those of Boston and New York shows New Haven's figure, 50.34º to be only 0.15º higher than that of Boston and 1.88º lower than that of New York. And the mean annual temperatures for the ten years 1916-1925 52.22. And this one says NY mean temp 1961-90 is 60.7

So, we've gone (generally) from 49.8 in 1873-1926 to 52.2 in 1916-1925 up to 60.7 in the years 1961-1990.....I could probably go on...

Monday September 24, 2007 - 04:27am (PDT)

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