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332 Landslide

332 Landslide

January 18, 2008

Confessions of a Mortgage Broker

Lenders, their agents, and the appraisers who backed it all up made their money on this and should now be ready to cut deals with these people. Refinancing anyone who requests it, regardless of their current situation or property value, into a fixed rate loan with appropriate interest rates. Sure, they'll lose some money in the long run but less than if they allow them all to foreclose. Consumers should have known better too, and will have to pay another round of closing costs as well as deal with years of repercussions from bad credit.

Watch the ABC News Video Here

Tuesday September 18, 2007 - 05:40pm (PDT)

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The 380,000-plus-word database presented here allows, for the first time, the Iraq-related public pronouncements of top Bush administration officials to be tracked on a day-by-day basis against their private assessments and the actual “ground truth” as it is now known. Throughout the database, passages containing false statements by the top Bush administration officials are highlighted in yellow. The 935 false statements in the database may also be accessed by selecting the “False Statements” option from the “Subject” pull-down menu and may be displayed within selected date ranges using the selection tool below. Searches may also be limited by person or subject, or both, by using the appropriate selections from the pull-down menus.