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332 Landslide

332 Landslide

January 18, 2008

Do You have an opinion on Banking Regulation?

There are only a few matters I think worthy of regulation, this is one of them. I will be composing a carefully considered, uneducated, opinionated comment expressing my concerns. How 'bout you?

Comment sought on financial regulation
Thu Oct 11, 6:32 PM ET

WASHINGTON - The recent market turmoil that started with problems in subprime mortgages has increased interest in finding ways to improve government regulation, a top Treasury official said Thursday. "We have a case study right now as to why regulatory structure is critical," David Nason, Treasury's assistant secretary for financial institutions, said in an interview with a small group of reporters.
Treasury on Thursday asked for public comments on what needs to be done to modernize regulation of the nation's financial system. It said those comments could be submitted through a government Web site until Nov. 21.

Site for submitting public comments on financial system overhaul:

Sunday October 14, 2007 - 09:49am (PDT)

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