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332 Landslide

332 Landslide

April 10, 2008

What Independent Voters Want

  • We’re tired of two parties whose priority is acquiring and maintaining power rather than serving the people who voted them into office.
  • We have no problem voting for someone who has no chance of winning.
  • We vote for the person and not the party.
  • We seldom vote a straight, major-party ticket.
  • We are not undecided. We have decided to be independent.
  • We believe that a diversity of opinions stimulates healthy debate.
  • We want dialogue, not diatribes.
  • We want a government that follows the will of the people instead of one that manipulates it.
  • We care as much about what happens on every other day as on Election Day.
  • We want Ralph Nader to keep on running, even if we don’t vote for him. We probably need to apologize for that.
  • We are anti-party, and yet we welcome third-party voters and candidates to join us under the independent umbrella, because they’re also outsiders.
  • We believe the United States is better than this.

A pretty big whopper on it's own:

mw Says: "While people may actually like to think of themselves as “Independent”, what they do in a voting booth is one hell of a lot more important than what they tell pollsters about how how they label themselves."

When the parties take the measures they have to keep people off the ballot, leaving no other names there but their own we have little choice as to what we do in the voting booth save not voting at all. Looking at the falling numbers of voters, I'd say they have made one hell of a loud statement!


mw Says: "The way to read this, is that when an “independent” tells a pollster which way they “lean”, they are actually saying “this is how I vote”. "

What part of the writers statement didn't you understand? "nor are we “party-leaning.” The polls you are referring to do not have real questions and a real category for people who are not of one party or the other, in order to give indication of our issues we answer in the manner which will get our points across. It is the pollsters and people like you that push us into a lean, that force us into your mold of leaners.

So here is OUR definition, every person on your census that hasn't registered yet to vote, every person who has registered and hasn't recently voted, every person who recently removed themselves from the R or the D party and every single person who votes on issues not party affiliation, THOSE people are your Independents. That is how many, exactly, you need to consider Independent Voters.

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