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332 Landslide

332 Landslide

November 15, 2012

The Pictures Tell the Story

President Obama raised more money from more contributors without taking any PAC funds. I believe that means more votes. The top contributors to his campaign were schools and tech companies while Former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney's top contributors list reads like a who's who from the banking scandal that plunged the globe into recession. Speaking of the great state of Massachusetts, it was the 4th top state contributor to a campaign, but it wasn't Romney's. 

The sectors that topped the list of contributors to Mitt Romney's campaign?  Agribiz, construction, defense, energy (oil) and finance/insurance.

 Mortgage Banking
Finance and Credit                              

   Oil and Gas

59 of 95 top individual contributors sent their funds to the conservative party.
The top 100 individual donors to super PACs, along with their spouses, represent just 1.0% of all individual donors to super PACs, but 73% of the money they delivered.
The top 100 donors give 57% of the money, the top 1% of donors give 62% of the money.
My guess is that next election cycle the right will be all over eliminating the electoral college. To that I say tit for tat, no more outside money and to that end corporations are not people much less citizens so one human citizen, one human vote.

Thanks to for making this info gathering so easy!

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