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332 Landslide

332 Landslide

July 21, 2008

Conservative Ralph Nader by the Southern Avenger

It appears to me that Mr. Nader is really concerned with fixing the system, removing the corporate buyout and setting things back in order. I'm sure he has personal opinions, but it doesn't seem like he would push those over having the system, unhindered by bias and politics, do it's job. It seems as though he is working, not for the left, or the right but for the Americans. I'm quite certain he would be dismayed to see a majority of his fellow Americans choose not to accept single payor government health care, but I'm sure he'd be the happiest man on earth if that decision was made democratically by the American people without fraud or manipulation.

The explosive video above is produced by a conservative blogger, with whom I have little in common. Faith and hope in the American way and the ability to see the difference between politicians and patriots appear to be two things we do see eye to eye on.

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