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332 Landslide

332 Landslide

June 11, 2008

Bush Administration Still Dangerous

Hooking Your Toilet to the Kitchen Tap
-Sierra Club

"Atlanta, GA -- In most states, it's illegal to connect your toilet so that it drains through your tap. But on a larger scale, the Bush EPA is prepared to declare that this is, in effect, allowed under the Clean Water Act. At least that's what the agency told a conference of water managers here will be permitted by a new agency rule.

According to a new agency rule, anyone -- an industry, water agency, municipality -- can take dirty water from any body of water, use it (as long as they don't make it dirtier), and then dump it into a clean body of water -- without applying for a Clean Water Act permit. The industry or agency dumping the water can take as much dirty water as it wants, move it as far as it wants, and dump it wherever it wants -- regardless of the impact on the body of water."

Previously I've blogged about the blatant disregard for our environment demonstrated by our Environmental Protection Agency; EPA Missing in Action, and similar in-actions by other Bush Administration agencies; Crossing a Line and Villainous Nominee . Now we can add that the Department of Defense, under criticism during the Bush Administration for contracting out vital military tasks putting into question the nation's security, has Contracted Out Contractor Oversight. The 'Fly in your Face' attitude doesn't stop there, Bush's FCC is now being asked to probe the Bush administration's Propaganda Program! A bit like having inmates of cell block C check cell block D for paraphernalia. Let's not forget the USDA, that decided to shut down a congressional audit and advise it's employee's not to cooperate.

It seems to me there are an awful lot of 'Long Term Plans' being laid last minute by the bought and corrupted officials placed in our agencies by this administration, especially considering his 'New Rule' of 'No New Rules' from agencies after June 1st.

"While the White House called the deadlines "simply good government," some legal specialists said the policy would ensure that rules the administration wanted to be part of Mr. Bush's legacy would be less subject to being overturned by his successor. Moreover, they said, the deadlines could allow the administration to avoid thorny proposals that are likely to come up in the next few months, including environmental and safety rules that have been in the regulatory pipeline for years. "

The Administrations reach has even made it to NASA, where it's interference will not only effect Americans, but the world, and their view of us.
Considering the mounting effort to both impeach and indict Bush and Cheney;

you'd think someone would have put a stop to the actions being taken, permanent actions, detrimental actions that if implemented for even a short time will have long lasting devastating effects. In light of these slap in your face words and deeds;

Extraordinary steps must be taken to stop the last minute actions planned by this criminal administration. A precedent needs to be set for not only the top guy, but all the little trickle down guys and gals as well. Education, communication and technology have opened up the world, we need to pay attention to the faces we present and take responsibility for our voting actions.

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