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332 Landslide

332 Landslide

April 6, 2008

New Anti-Evolution Film Stirs Controversy | LiveScience

"Some scientists, however, are outraged about the conduct of the filmmaker during production and screening as well as the film's effort to tie Darwin's ideas to Hitler. One prominent scientist who is in the movie has since called it shoddy and sinister. "

I am altogether dumbfounded, disappointed and outraged at the published numbers for people claiming to still believe ONLY in creation of man by God within the time frame laid out in the old testament!

I think that it must be (for the sake of my sanity and continued courage to leave the safety of my house) that the only people sponsoring these polls/numbers are the creation backers, targeting other creationists. Possibly adding to the numbers would be the fact that if you do believe in evolution, the stark obviousness, the shear factiness makes it so impossible to imagine that someone else does not understand it's truth. In fact the thought so NEVER enters our minds we stop the discussions, don't bother clicking on the few articles about teaching creation in public schools, and apparently don't fill out polls or surveys.

So, do my sanity the favor of speaking about evolution to your friends, blog about it, investigate it, ANSWER POLLS about it! Below are some sites with polling information (that I cannot vouch for, you check it out) on the subject, have a seat and then take a look. You'll be glad you were sitting.

CBS News '04 survey
Gallup's '07 findings

Ok, so keeping the picture to the left in mind, God created man in His own image. So.... God decided later to try again? (since on their timeline homosapien came first) Or God looked just like some creatures that were already here except wanted a bigger brain? (for those that have begun to accept the timeline) Or you could believe, as the folks at the site the picture links to ponder, that neanderthal are possibly nephilim . Note also that this site extols the virtues of carbon dating technology.

Please, keep your faith, I would not wish anyone to lose their faith. Please have faith that these truths have been brought to light for a reason, as with everything. For every new doubt uttered, another piece of proof is found. Piece after piece, in an ever clearer painting you a picture kind of way. Has there ever been such signs to support your faith?

Ok, just to look through: Berkeley's take ,Some other info .

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